auditions for Mame tonight and only a few people impressed me...Ellen, Matt and his friend (who's name i forgot)...griffin, Carol and John were really good....i left though before they were finsihed...its anyones guess who will get parts....Good Luck everyone

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People can be so predictably boring and sheepish....i find it to be funny how people take offense when you have moved on from a situation and matured and they simply result on slander and other forms of taking people down.

Also the cast of Anything Goes! was announced with some suprises...Lisa getting Reno was a given especially with the amount of work she put into getting the part. That is all I am going to say.

L/J is so yesterday!!!!!

tearing past the bullshit

i am finished with leaving countless messages for people expressing that i am thinking about them and them never having the time to at least give me the courtesy of acknowledging the effort with a thank you. i dont want a lecture, just a simple thank you on occasion. but what the fuck ever, junk food friends are all around.


I need someone to be honest and tell me ur thoughts on this poem for my final portfolio.

<*lj-cut text="the mother of all my poems"*>

Acts Of Contrition



alarm rings,

Open eyes

Feet on floor

Legs charged to move

Step, step, step, step,

Open door

Make sharp right

Turn faucet

Ignore mirror

Lift tooth brush

Place paste on brush

Wet brush

Perform fellatio on brush

4 brush strokes to upper left side of mouth

4 brush strokes to lower left side of mouth

4 brush strokes to lower right side of mouth

4 brush strokes to upper right side of mouth

Unleash hardened member

Release its golden juice


4 brush strokes to upper left inside of mouth

4 brush strokes to lower left inside of mouth

4 brush strokes to lower right inside of mouth

4 brush strokes to upper right inside of mouth

Spit, spit, spit

Gargle water

Spit, spit, spit,

Pull back curtain

Turn right faucet 20 degrees right

Turn left faucet 80 degrees left

Pull forward middle faucet,

Baptism …

Warm …

Steam …

Waterfall …

Open palm

Place dime size of shampoo

Scrub scalp

Massage scalp

Sing latest pop tune trapped in head

Find cloth

Place Irish’s Spring Inside

Exfoliate deceased memories

Rinse hair

Turn rinse back

Turn all faucets north

Pull open curtain

Dry with Sears White Sale towel

Walk to counter

Plug warm water-like caffeine maker in

Walk into bedroom

Place on DKNY silk boxers

Right sock first

Left sock second

Prada black slacks,

Old Navy black undershirt,

Versace black silk shirt,

Dolce and Gabbana black Tie,

Jimmy Choo black polished shoe,

First left

Then right

Opposite of socks process,

Gel in hand,

Run fingers through hair,







Wash hands

Insert contacts

Right first

Then left

Opposite of shoes,

Place gold ring on right hand,

Place silver ring on left hand,

Drink coffee

Grab banana

Pack brief case

Double check all switches

Open front blinds

Grab keys

Close door

Run down thirteen steps

Take an additional 125 steps

Insert key into 2006 black Honda accord

Turn and open door

Place brief case in


Turn key,


Sing along to radio

Entire drive

Cross bridge

Pay toll $ 3.00

Ask for receipt

Drive three feet

Make right turn

Keep going down highway

Keep singing

Turn into airport

Park in short term parking.

Run into airport

Check in ticket

4:00 am pst/7:00 am est,

run down two sets of moving stairs

walk pass beeping thresholds

have magic wand wailing at my waist

security guard pats legs

and crotch


little member there is not so little

I smile back

But she is fifty

Run down and make it aboard plane

Seat 14 C.

Window seat.

Plane door closes.

Engine starts.

Flight attendants’ vogue the instructions.

Close eyes.

Arrive in NYC.

8:00 am pst/11:00 am est.

exit airport

walk three blocks east

two blocks west

one block north

board taxi 1515

check Dell Palm Pilot

see dollar bill on floor

tip driver

9:00 am pst/ 12:00 noon est

walk into building

smile at receptionist

take a peppermint candy

hop onto elevator

“sixty sixth floor please”

“yes Sir”

casually glance at Fossil blue face silver band watch

spread legs two inches apart

throw back twenty degrees and smile

with teeth together and lips apart.

“have a good day sir”

“thank you Walter,  won’t be long”

Golden Welcome, Rumi Exhibit in room 6 sign greets the eye.

Walk past the statue of Bellona

Retrieve package from behind.

Walk toward the east side of the tower

Glance down the sixty five floors

Leading to the zenith

Roll combination lock


brief case opens

open package

assemble AR 7

open window

at east side of the tower

watch …

watch …

breathe …

drink Dannon water …

Senator Hermes exits building

Paparazzi blinding

Trigger pulling

Bullet rising

Pistol ejaculating…

Silencer silencing…

Speed of light…


Piercing flesh…

Splitting organ fibers …

Severing tendons …

Cracking bones …

Exploding heart !

Dismantle AR-7

Quickly re-adjust briefcase

Storm to elevator

“bottom floor please”

“yes Sir”

radio plays “Fade Into Me” by Mazzy Star

body begins to sway

readjust front package

elevator attendant smiles


Door opens

“good day Sir”

“you too, Walter”

walk out

wave to desk attendants

exit building 76 Rockefeller Plaza

walk 25 steps north

board taxi 1515

speed off to airport

spot swarm of police






Swarm the area

In the rear view mirror

Crack smile.

9:15 am pst/ 12:15 pm est

open briefcase

deposit AR 7

under driver seat

smile at driver

showing “dollar” found on floor

arrive at airport

tip driver

exit taxi

10:15 am pst/ 1:15 pm est

enter airport

buy ticket

check ID

head up moving stairway

X-ray briefcase

Walk pass detector

Beep beep beep

Magic metal wand appears

Beep beep beep

At crotch

19 year old security guy

pats crotch

nothing metallic

he smiles

another day made

grab briefcase

run to exit

board airplane.

flight attendants vogue their instructions.

take off.

write poem …

“if you want to know why there is a love that won’t die

it is to remind us that in life some things

are meant to be for giving

so here we are, living in a world hoping for a better place,

people die everyday with unfulfilled dreams

people live everyday dreaming they’d be in a better place

but with you, one can be neither

you complete the broken soul”

close eyes


arrive in L.A.

1:15 pm pst/ 4:15 pm est

retrieve car

drive to starbucks

purchase espresso

check watch

read latest issue of GQ

form a new opinion on Gov. Arnold

drive home

1:45 pm pst

remove clothes

do yoga in boxers

do Pilates in boxers



white Wal-Mart sweat pants

 Old Navy green sweat shirt

Payless worn black sneakers

3:45 pm pst

run to car

start car

zoom three blocks

PS 234

Wait by fence

Kids are released

Here comes the angel …


she cries and runs

“hey baby”

pick up Guadalupe

hold her

kiss her

pat her head


head to car

4:00 pm pst

drive home

have ‘what did you do in school today’ talk

see finger painting of dogs

get home

wash hands,

heat up meatloaf,

sit on floor,

play peek-a-boo,

play tickle tickle,

play sing-a-long to radio

“I got You babe”.

7:00 pm

shower Guadalupe,

dress Guadalupe,

read bedtime story,

“The English Roses”,

read her poem

written on plane

inspired by her

say prayers,

close lights,

9:00 pm

sit on couch,

read book,

72 Names of God,

close front blinds,

turn off all lights,

set alarm,

close bedroom door,

crawl into bed,

recite act of contrition,

close eyes,

11:00 pm. <*/lj-cut*>



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i should be glad that i am alive, it all could have been much worse, i might have never loved at all, and never known what i am worth.